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"Our HIPAA Compliance Software Solutions Services ensure that your healthcare organization's data is secure and in full compliance with privacy regulatios."

Custom Tailored Medical Billing Services Company

Our company provides tailored services to healthcare professionals for billing processing and management. The company typically offers a range of services that include patient registration, insurance verification, coding, billing, and account receivables management.

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We are well recognized Medical Billing Company serving different organizations ranging from large healthcare centers to small practices


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Medical Billing Services We Offer

We offer complete medical billing services that significantly include following


Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding are vital roles in healthcare. They translate diagnoses and procedures into codes for billing and submitting claims. The job requires knowledge of medical terminology, billing and coding procedures, laws, communication, and computer skills. Medical billing and coding jobs are available at hospitals, clinics, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations.

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Account Receivable Management

Accounts Receivable Management improves payment collection and customer relationships. Services include assessment, invoicing, tracking, negotiation, and collection, leading to better financial reporting and attracting investment. Outsourcing saves costs and enhances efficiency, helping SMEs with limited resources to focus on core operations.


Credentializing & Contracting

Credentialing verifies healthcare providers' qualifications, meeting regulations. It checks licenses, education, experience, and certification. Contracting negotiates fair compensation between healthcare providers and insurers, government agencies, etc. Both services are vital to serving patients and protecting providers' interests. By using them, providers can streamline processes, improve satisfaction, and increase revenue.


Out of Network Negotiation

Out of Network Negotiation services help patients save money on medical treatment not covered by their insurance. Skilled negotiators use their healthcare industry expertise to navigate complex billing codes and regulations, ensuring the best possible outcome for patients in terms of reduced costs and timely reimbursement from insurance providers.


Eligibility & Benefits Verification

EBV services check insurance coverage and benefits prior to healthcare services, reducing claim denials. Providers use policy and payment details to determine coverage and inform patients. Benefits include quicker claims processing and transparent billing with more informed decisions about healthcare expenses. EBV improves operational efficiency.


Complete RCM Services

Complete RCM services manage a healthcare organization’s finances from patient registration to collections. This includes coding and billing compliance, revenue analysis, and denial management. By outsourcing RCM services to professionals, healthcare providers can improve their revenue cycle management and maximize reimbursements without investing in internal infrastructure, software, or staff. As a result, complete RCM services offer cost-effective and efficient management for healthcare organizations’ finances, ensuring financial stability.

More Focus On Patient Care

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Reduced Billing Error

Enhance Cashflow

Secure Patient Data

Reduced Administrative Duties

Billing Compliance

Process Claims Faster

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